Russell Regulatory Consultants Ltd

Quality Management Services

In addition to regulatory services, Russell Regulatory also provides services for various areas in quality management.

We can identify appropriate QMS standards (e.g. ISO 13485) and regulations (e.g. EU MDR) that apply to your company and device. In addition to identifying standards we can also implement, write and operate your QMS.

We offer services to aid in quality management, including:

  • Identification of appropriate QMS standards
  • Writing, implementing and operating your QMS
  • Document Control and Related QMS Activities Service
  • Auditing and Corrective Action Planning and Implementation
  • Training and development of your team for your QMS

We can also train and develop your team to gain the most from the use of your compliant QMS.

This will make sure that, once your QMS is in place, your company and team are taking full advantage of the benefits it provides.