Russell Regulatory Consultants Ltd

FutureScot Health and Transformation 2024 Conference

April 2024

On the 16th April 2024, we attended the FutureScot Health and Transformation 2024 Conference at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.

Some of the key objectives were:

  • Global thought leadership on transforming health and social care systems at a strategic level
  • Putting data and digital at the heart of responsive, user-centred design approaches to citizen healthcare
  • Joining up data systems and making data ‘work’ at the point of use, improving frontline services and the experience of health and social care
  • Identifying system blockages and working with health and social care leaders to overcome organisational and cultural barriers
  • Understanding how to use AI to assist clinicians’ decision-making, automate clinical processes and give time back to care
  • Show and tell: using inspiring case studies to inform best practice guidance for delivering transformative health and social care
  • Embedding a startup culture within your organisation to enable frontline staff to contribute to the innovation ecosystem’

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